Essentially it is the
connections with people ...

The impact and succes of a lifeline depends on how strong and safe the connections are.
Quality is measured by the durability of connections, and by the efficiency of how components interact with each other. The human element plays a pivotal role here from the idea, through its implementation, to quality control and finally the sale.

... others are what keep
things WORKING.

We at PSI attach importance to the ability to communicate needs and understand the needs of others. Because it is only with this ability that messages, wishes and expectations can be mutually appreciated and turned into efficient solutions.
With our input, vital lifelines are enabled to flow unhindered over a long and successful service life.

Anyone can have a
great idea  ...

There is only one route which leads to the successful creation of practical products with custom-tailored properties, and that is through constructive, analyticallybased cooperation with our customers and suppliers.
Motivation and constructive communication are the fuel that fires our mutual success, culminating in specifically targeted and convincing solutions.

... What counts is developing
it into a practical product.

At PSI, our strengths lie equally in development, manufacture and marketing. We generate added value for our customers through a selective combination of our own internally developed products supplemented by standard components.
This means that our customers benefit, not only from meticulously engineered products, but beyond this also from the strengths of a common network.

Quality begins by placing customer
satisfaction ...

In this day and age, customers frequently have individual expectations and requirements which can no longer be satisfied by a standard product or service. Often battling against time constraints, customers and suppliers need to put in place quick solutions.
The help and advice of a competent partner and fast, effective decisions are the way forward.

... at the focus of our thinking.

We at PSI make every effort to offer our customers ever better services and products at competitive prices. Our challenge is never limited to simply lowering costs or achieving performance targets. What we aim to do is combine both of these objectives to create the perfect solution. Only when we have fully understood what we are seeking to achieve can we aspire to extraordinary achievements.

Sealing Technology &
Wall Sleeves

The different sealing technologies from PSI are designed for flexible application to address a wideranging spectrum of different needs. Sealing systems for practically any kind of requirement and any market are available.
Depending on the application, PSI offers the ideal solution: from a single product to a comprehensive solution.


When passing cables, hoses and steel, cast iron, copper or plastic pipes through walls, ceilings or floors, PSI wall sleeves are the perfect accessory to ensure an absolute hydrostatic seal.

Spacers &
Casing End Seals

PSI spacers made of high-dense polypropylene material can be universally used when laying all kinds of
pipelines in which the carrier pipe is guided in a casing sleeve.
Spacers are available in all dimensions and in many different skid heights for all types of pipe from 25 mm
diameter and above.


When laying pipelines, casing sleeves are often used for safety reasons. Suitable casing end seals in different
designs provide a safe, clean and low-cost solution both for new installations and also for retrofitting.

Corrosion & Mechanical Pipe Protection 
Flange Gaskets / Flange Isolators

Heat shrink material (Canusa system) for anti-corrosion protection and sealing as well as for district heating
pipelines, together with high-grade anti-corrosion tapes provide a complete selection of innovative solutions for pipeline construction.


PSI offers a wide range of flange seals and flange isolations for use with different media and in different markets.

Mechanical Pipe Protection

Pigs are the ideal tools for filling and emptying processes for hydrostatic tests and fluid transport, and for the separation of different media which have to be transported through the same pipeline in turn. Pigs from PSI remove almost all media residues from pipelines for extremely efficient cleaning performance