Professional design and tender of house entries

To prevent water and gas ingress the pipes and cables for house connections needs to be
properly sealed. Together with the industry association FHRK e. V. our company published
product-neutral planning documents and tender specifications for house connections. In
addition to general planning notes technical drawings helps the user to select the appro-
priate sealing system depending on the wall construction and moisture stresses.
The 18 detailed drawings are showing wall constructions of brickwork and concrete with
dam impermeable blanket as well as waterproof concrete constructions. The load cases for
moisture stress are considered in accordance with DIN 18195 respectively in accordance with
the stress classes of the WU (water impermeable constructions) regulations: “Soil moisture and non-accumulating percolating water as well as accumulating percolating water and pressing
Improvised site solutions should be a thing of the past. Industrially produced products for house
entries in accordance with the basic rules are reliable and permanently tight.

The brochure can be requested free of charge from FHRK e. V. at as well as
downloaded via the below mentioned link.


PSI Compakt Seal 80/50

Hexagon socket bolts make the service in small annular spaces easier. This Compakt Seal width stands pressure up to 5 bar.


Pressure plates: S304 (V2A)
Bolts: Hexagon socket
Pressure tightness: 3,0 bar in secure
positions up to 5,0 bar
Rubber thickness: 40 mm
Rubber material: EPDM
Radon tight: Yes
UV-resistance: good
Temperature range: -30 °C up to +120 °C
Hardness, shore A: 43 ± 5°
Core drilled hole/wall sleeve: 80 mm
Carrier pipe/cable: 48-50 mm the Compakt Seals

PSI PRODUCTS GmbH has been supplied with green electricity from LichtBlick since 1 January
2017. The electrical energy fed in to the power grid by LichtBlick

  • does not orginate from nuclear-, coal-fired- or oil-fired power plants.
  • is obtained exclusively from environmentally friendly energy sources.

By sourcing energy from LichtBlick power, PSI avoids emitting 17 tonnes of CO2 emissions per

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Standard Compakt Split

All split versions of our standard Compakt seals are foldable now.


  • In cases where the pipeline is already in place, the seal can be folded apart, put around the pipe and pushed into the right position.
  • Provides quick installation without taking the seal apart.
  • No falling spare parts during installation.
  • Available for standard core drilling sizes DN50 to DN400 from stock.
  • Tailor-made with high tolerance and large sealing area.
  • 40 mm wide rubber element for high sealing performance, especially suitable for PE-pipes.
  • Pressure tight up to 3 bar, 5 bar in „secured position“! the Compakt seals


Casing end sleeves KG/KO with new connection system

The previously separate adhesive has been integrated into the system.


  • Fast installation due to already prepared adhesion surface.
  • No cleaning of adhesion surface necessary (protection foil).
  • No downtime caused by curing.
  • High adhesive strength, trusted quality.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Available from March 2017! the casing end seals


Compakt Seal + KB -core drilled hole-Sealing Set + Cutter

The PSI VARIA-SET combines smart inventory management and saves resources.
The amount of PSI Compakt Seals included in the set is optimally adapted to the consumption rate of a core drilled hole-Sealing-Set.

For more details please download our datasheet


MULTICABLE 70 flex (arbitrary)

We are now able to provide our customer also a Compakt Multicable for a core drilled hole of 70mm. It is a split version, pressure tight up to 1 bar and useable for retrofitting.

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LINK-SEAL® - Calculator

Quick and easy calculating the LINK-SEAL product you need.

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PSI on “”

You now can find PSI Products GmbH with the entire tendering catalog on the portal.

This online database provides -as free downloads: Tender texts, up-to-date information on construction products and multivendor tender- position descriptions.


PSI wallcollars are an economical and reliable method of hydrostatic sealing of pipes, cables and lightning protection wires that pass through walls, ceilings, floors, shaft openings, swimming pools and groundwater troughs.

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New labeling for CANUSA-Products!

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The PSI sealing system Compakt Duo offers ideal sealing for wall openings for gas, water and waste water pipes as well as for cables. The system can be used for pressing and non-pressing applications. By tightening the hexagon bolts the rubber elements are compressed by means of the respective two metallic discs. The Compakt Duo seals the annular space between the carrier pipe and the casing pipe. The advantage of this system is the use of one seal on each side on the inside and the outside of the building.

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Compakt Solution:

With the new developed “Compakt Solution” PSI offers a secure and practice-orientated solution for all installation situations.

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